TagsMania was founded by Paul Oestreicher, Ph.D., who started his career as a scientist in the areas of nutritional biochemistry, gastrointestinal diseases and obesity research. With a deep interest in health and science literacy, he became an executive in the field of medical communications, and then an adjunct professor at New York University teaching strategy, ethics and research methods.
His book, Camelot, Inc.: Leadership and Management Insights from King Arthur and the Round Table, was published in 2011.

What’s most important to Paul, however, is his family -- his wife and four daughters. His children were the inspiration behind the development of TagsMania toys. Quoting from page 41 of his invention book:

“Over the last twelve years, I’ve observed each of my children exhibit a special fascination with tags attached to soft, cloth toys. They seem to spend more time grabbing, biting and sucking on the tags than they did playing with the stuffed animal attached to it! On September 5, 1998 I thought, why not create a toy out of tags if that’s what babies really like. I don’t have a clue why the tag
is more compelling, but if that’s what the “customer” wants, why not give it to him/her?”

But the ideas stayed on the shelf for years. Then, deciding to try and commercialize at least one of his inventions, Paul chose the ones closest to his heart and TagsMania toys was launched.  We like to say that we were conceived in 1998 and born in 2010!

Only TagsMania toys have the tags uniquely integrated into the design of its products: They’re a whole new approach to tag toys!™ And, we have our own distinct patents and trademarks.

We hope these engaging toys and gifts bring your children lasting fun and great memories!


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