Tagasaurus® interactive plush toy is a friendly dinosaur with soft tags running down his back. 
This prehistoric will make kids euphoric!
Shown in fossil blue; also available in prehistoric pink and Jurassic green.

“This adorable Clydesdale of tags is brown with a white face and feet. Kids of all ages were drawn to this cute horse and all wanted a turn playing with him. I was impressed with his quality and how absolutely soft he was.”

Karen Coutu, founder and editor of 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires

“ABCD Diaries gives TagsMania and our Tagasaurus an A+!!”

Christin Banda, ABCD Diaries

Our plush toys are super soft!

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Tagsdale® interactive plush toy has a mane, tail and hooves made of tags.  
Kids will love this horse, of course!

Tagacuda® interactive plush toy has lots of tags and comes with a squeak.  
Kids will wish for this fish!
Shown in paradise pink; also available in ocean blue and sea green.

Creative Child 2011 Preferred Choice Award!

Creative Child 2011 Top Toy of the Year!

Creative Child 2011 Preferred Choice Award!