There’s nothing like our award-winning TagBall™ developmental toy. The dozens and dozens of loops will captivate your child. You can even use them as gift box toppers - unique bows they’ll never forget.

The TagBall comes with a soft strap that can be placed around a baby’s wrist, or the handle of a car seat, stroller or shopping cart. Fun will always be within easy reach!
The TagRattle™ developmental toy comes with a soft handle with a big bloom of tags, like the TagBall. Babies will love holding and shaking this unique toy!  

TagBalls and TagRattles are super soft and available in bright primary colors, high contrast black/white/red, soothing pastels, two-tone pink and two-tone blue.

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“The baby I watched really, really loved the TagBall, but I can honestly say that all the kids have been seen playing with it. For parents of small children, this is a great toy with endless possibilities.”

Karen Coutu, founder and editor of 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires

“They’ll touch the toy and realize they can manipulate it because it’s soft enough, it’s small enough and, in a strange way,

it’s obedient. They’re mastering these skills and learning about control and self-control.”

Nicholas Strouse, Director, Westport Family Counseling in The Stamford Advocate

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